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Minister Burch On Curfew, Regulations & More

The curfew remains midnight to 5am, permitted gatherings are set at a maximum of 50 persons unless the organisers have an exemption, and enforcement protocols must be enhanced, Minister of Public Works Lt/Col David Burch said.

Speaking at last night’s press briefing, Minister Burch said, “I am happy to provide an update on the work of the Cabinet Committee on Reopening since the implementation of Phase 4 last Wednesday July 1st.

“To remind what requirements are still in place:

  • Permitted gatherings are set at a maximum of 50 persons
  • Requests for larger gatherings must apply to the Minister of National Security for permission with a plan to include social distancing and masks and other requirements.
  • Masks must be worn indoors. Masks must be worn outdoors if physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  • Curfew shifted to midnight to 5 am. – will be reviewed weekly.

“With regard to the curfew – as indicated last week that it would be reviewed weekly – the recommendation to the full cabinet was that it remain in place and be reviewed next week.

“With regard to gatherings larger than 50 persons – requests must be made to the Minister of National Security who following the initial assessment by the team in the Ministry – it is referred to the subcommittee.

“Following the events of this past week – it is clear that a number of things must happen. Firstly, a complete review of the protocols and how they are communicated to event organisers. Enforcement protocols must be enhanced so that the requirements necessary for approval are adhered to – such as:

  • a. Confirmation that rules are actually being enforced.
  • b. Spot checks at establishments [especially liquor establishments]
  • c. Recording of names & Contact information.
  • d. Adequate Hand Sanitizer.
  • e. Issuing the appropriate sanctions for no compliance

“We are seeing an increase in requests for events with groups larger than 50 of varying types. As such the Cabinet Committee will meet tomorrow morning to discuss and provide greater clarity a to the guidelines.

“With regard to activities over Cup Match such as camping and use of beaches – we will take these matters up at our regular meeting on Monday.

“We are mindful of our traditions of summer time in Bermuda and especially during this month – where, in my office, I am completely surrounded by those blue & blue people.

“We are also mindful that we are in the middle of a pandemic that we as a country have navigated very well – most of us have followed the rules and the health protocols put in place – and of course the increased testing regime – has resulted in our current state.

“With that – I wish the people of this country to know that that is what has guided and will continue to guide our deliberations and recommendations to the Cabinet.”