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Nearly 150 BHB Staff Off Work Due To Covid

Nearly 150 Bermuda Hospitals Board [BHB] staff are currently off work “due to positive results or as close contacts.”

In providing an update yesterday, Judy Richardson, Chief of Nursing, said, “As community infections rise, so does the number of BHB staff who are impacted. BHB currently has nearly 150 staff off work due to positive results or as close contacts.

“While generally we have maintained services to date, the reduced UCC hours allow us to redeploy a full time nurse back to the ED which will assist in delivering care where the most unwell people are in need. We continue to review our situation as more people are impacted by positive cases.

“While hospitalised Covid patient numbers have been relatively low with omicron, they are rising, and with staff levels under pressure we may have to review the delivery of care in non-urgent outpatient areas should the situation continue to escalate.”

As of the most recent test results, the island has 1604 active cases, with 6 people in hospital. BHB is not the only entity with staffing challenges due to Covid, with the Fire Service and other services also affected.