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‘No Confirmed Cases Amongst Inmates Or Staff’

91% of of incarcerated people have been tested for Covid-19, Minister of National Security Wayne Caines said, with the Minister confirming that there “have been no confirmed cases of Covid-19 amongst staff or inmates.”

Speaking at last night’s [June 16] press briefing, Minister Caines said, “Finally, an update on the Department of Corrections:

  • “On June 11th the Department of Corrections commenced Phase 3 of its recovery plan.
  • “On-site inmate visits continue to be suspended; however virtual visits and phone calls to family/friends continue.
  • “80% of the non-security staff have returned to work at the facilities with staggered scheduling.
  • “Contractors are allowed into the facilities; however they must follow the new visiting protocol which includes temperature testing.
  • Covid-19 testing took place for inmates during the last two weeks of May. All results were negative.
  • “The DOC staff are conducting Covid-19 testing at Southside and designated Health Services staff have been trained to conduct in-house testing.
  • “Staffing levels have not been significantly impacted and staff continue to carry out their duties professionally despite the challenges that we face.
  • “The department continue to stock PPE supplies and other Covid-19 related supplies and source replacements from various vendors. “The supplies are issued as required per the Dept. of Health guidelines.
  • “I can confirm that 91% of our inmates have been tested for Covid-19. I can also thankfully confirm that there have been no confirmed cases of Covid-19 amongst staff or inmates.”
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