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Over 19 Million Cases Worldwide

With the Covid-19 pandemic continuing to affect countries around the globe, the number of confirmed cases worldwide has now surpassed 19 million, with over 715,000 deaths worldwide, and the United States having the most confirmed cases and deaths in the world.

A CNN story said, “US coronavirus deaths could hit 300,000 by December 1, but 70,000 lives could be saved if more Americans simply wore masks, a new model predicts.

“It’s a profoundly sad number” of projected death, Dr. William Schaffner of Vanderbilt University told CNN on Friday morning. “And we can think that 70,000 of those people could be saved if we would all just wear a mask every day every time we leave our front doors.

“This virus Is not just going to disappear or vanish. The virus is with us, and we’re going to have to combat it, and the simple thing that we can all do is wear a mask. Please, everyone, wear your mask every day.”

“As the number of US cases races toward 5 million, the Covid-19 pandemic is moving into younger populations, health experts said Thursday, with cases skyrocketing among children, teens and young adults.”