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‘Permitted To Attend Grocery Stores On Any Day’

Grocery shopping days will end with a start of Phase 4 on 1 July, so on Wednesday people will be permitted to attend grocery stores on any given day, the Premier announced this evening.

Speaking at this evening’s briefing, Premier David Burt said, “Phase 4 of our reopening plan starts on 1 July. One of the changes to Phase 4, and the announcement which was made by Colonel Burch will be that, following a meeting of the Cabinet Committee on the reopening of Bermuda today, and following reports that came back to the Cabinet Committee from Bermuda’s grocers, the Cabinet Committee advised that grocery shopping days will end with a start of Phase 4 on 1 July. So, come Wednesday, persons will be permitted under law to attend grocery stores on any given day.

“The question is, why did this change take so long? The fact that we wanted to ensure that where we had the number of discount days which we had asked for from the major grocers to be on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and we wanted to see if the grocers would extend those discounts days. Unfortunately, all but one grocer did not take up the offer to extend those discount days.

“So, tonight I want to give a special thanks to the Lindo’s Group of Companies, who has said that they will continue in the interest of our community. The discount days will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays at the Lindo’s stores, through the Cup Match holiday.

“And they wanted to say that in doing so, customers may shop at Lindo’s during those days, and receive their discounts. They will look to go to their normal scheduled discounts for Tuesdays for seniors and Wednesdays for everyone else, after the Cup Match holiday. I want to say thank you to Lindo’s stores for working with the Government of Bermuda to try to make sure to reduce congestion, by providing discount days on multiple days.