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Phase 3B Implementation Effective Today

As signaled in Tuesday’s press conference, Premier David Burt confirmed that additional personal services would be permitted starting today.

“Our continued testing regime and the low numbers of positive results have provided the opportunity to implement a Phase 3B and re-introduce some additional personal services. Facial grooming of beards and eyebrows, as well as waxing and massages can now be provided,” the Premier said.

“Operators are obliged to follow public health guidelines which state the frequency of coronavirus testing that should be followed for the providers of these high risk services.

“The close contact involved in these services requires greater mitigation of the risk of transmission. Service providers must act responsibly and customers must be vigilant for their own safety.”

“The amended Regulations were signed by the Governor earlier today and are now published online. Other changes include permitting additional capacity for charter vessels based on the size of the boat and the adherence to physical distancing rules. Spas are now permitted to open and the resumption of full personal services also includes therapeutic massage and tattooing.”

The Premier concluded, “The high level of compliance we have seen from our community is critical to the progress we are making in reopening Bermuda. I cannot emphasize enough the importance of testing for those who want to continue to offer these services and the continued use of masks and all of the physical distancing protocols which are effectively keeping us safe. Slowly, but surely, we are getting back to normal.”

The Phase 3B Reopening of Bermuda follows below [PDF here]