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Police On Checks, Court, Closure Notice & More

The Police and Regiment will be conducting compliance checks, and the police confirmed that two liquor licenced premises were served 24-hour closure orders for breaches of Covid-19 regulations, and also confirmed that eight individuals have been charged in court for allegedly violating Covid-19 regulations.

A police spokesperson said, “Assistant Commissioner of Police Martin Weekes wishes to commend the vast majority of residents who are following the relevant Covid-19 protocols and reaffirmed the role of the Bermuda Police Service [BPS].”

We Will Be Conducting Compliance Checks

“The BPS working alongside our partners in the Royal Bermuda Regiment [RBR] and the Bermuda Reserve Police [BRP], remains committed to proportionate enforcement of the Covid-19 regulations and commends the vast majority of residents who continue to comply,” he said.

“Our primary goal is to help keep residents safe during this pandemic. However, anyone found violating the rules should expect to appear in court. Therefore, I urge everyone to do their part and abide by the regulations.

“During the latest stay at home order, which goes into effect at 5am Tuesday, 13th April you can expect to see joint working with all three agencies across the island as well as the Bermuda Coastguard on the water.

“We will be conducting compliance checks, safety checks on the roads and curfew checks at night. Please ensure you take note of all Government guidance available to ensure that you do not fall outside of these regulations and give yourselves plenty of time to get home before curfew.”

 Two Breaches Of Covid-19 Regulations At Liquor Licenced Premises

“Additionally, the Bermuda Police Service can confirm two recent breaches of Covid-19 regulations at liquor licenced premises.

“One breach occurred at Western Stars Sports Club in Pembroke on Friday 9th April. Police officers responded to the location around 9:10pm. Details of the incident were provided in a BPS press release issued on Saturday, 10th April.

“The other breach occurred at Woody’s Sports Bar & Restaurant in Sandys parish on Sunday, 11th April. Police officers responded to the premises around 5:30pm, where a large number of people were gathered, apparently without masks or physical distancing.

 Both Premises Were Served 24-hour Closure Orders

“As a result, both premises were served 24-hour closure orders. Western Stars was closed from 1:25pm Saturday, 10th April until 1:25pm Sunday, 11th April – while Woody’s was closed from 6:55pm Sunday, 11th April until 6:55pm Monday, 12th April.

Eight Individuals Have Been Charged In Court 

“It should also be noted that so far this month [up to and including today, Monday 12th April] eight individuals have been charged in court for violating Covid-19 regulations, including breaching curfew [some for multiple curfew offences] and hosting a party with more than 50 people.

“One of the individuals that appeared in court this month was fined $3,000 for violating Covid-19 regulations, while the other seven cases continue to work their way through the court system.

 It Is Anticipated Several More People Will Appear Before The Courts

“Depending on pandemic related restrictions, it is anticipated that in the next two weeks several more people will appear before the courts, to face charges for violating Covid-19 regulations.

“For official information regarding Covid-19 restrictions and guidance, please call 444-2498 or visit www.gov.bm/coronavirus.”