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Video: Minister Caines Updates On Covid-19

Minister of National Security Wayne Caines held another press conference late this afternoon [March 19], where he provided a number of updates.

Speaking at a press conference this afternoon, Minister Wayne Caines said, “During our last media update I committed to providing you with the latest operational information as it develops to ensure that the public is aware of all that is taking place on a number of levels. This afternoon we felt it prudent to update you regarding a few matters to do with returning residents over the course of today and tomorrow.

“There are three flights that are due to arrive this evening. And as you are aware, we have a comprehensive health declaration form available at the L.F. Wade International Airport for returning residents.

“Every passenger on these flights will need to self-quarantine for 14 days to help limit any possible spread of Covid-19. Should any person not have the ability to self-quarantine, facilities have been identified to accommodate them.

“This evening the Royal Bermuda Regiment will be responsible for the transportation of persons who are unable to self-quarantine at their residence.

“The RBR have been provided with five buses which will be used to transport persons [and their luggage] to the identified locations. These buses will be cleaned prior to being used between each flight.

“The Bermuda Police Service will have extra persons at the L.F. Wade International Airport to assist where necessary in relation to traffic control, escorting the buses and providing whatever assistance they can to Immigration and Customs. The intent of this plan is to make the process as smooth as possible.

“Also as an additional note, we are aware of a number of Bermudians who are on cruise ships and who are trying to return home.

“We are working with Government House to return them to Bermuda. Once we are successful in bringing them home, they too will go through the process of required self-quarantine.

“Late this afternoon, we also advised that the Department of Immigration is liaising with the airlines servicing the island to ensure the children of work permit holders can return to Bermuda. Those Work Permit Holders whose children are returning to the island today and tomorrow should immediately contact the department.

“An email should be sent to the Chief Immigration Officer, Dr. Danette Ming, [dwming@gov.bm] with the following information:

  • The child’s full name and date of birth.
  • The full name of the parent holding the work permit.

“Once again this bears repeating, while all seaports are closed to visiting pleasure craft and cruise ships, the seaports remain open to Cargo vessels.

“As it relates to TCD, the Ministry recently advised that there is an alternative vehicle licensing procedure in place. TCD is closed to walk in customers.

“Individuals who need to renew their private vehicle licences by March 31, 2020, can do so by following this two-step process:

  • 1. Renew your vehicle insurance to your insurance provider online or by phone.
  • 2. Visit eTCD to register and pay for your vehicle licence online.

“For those individuals required to renew their heavy truck licence, the Government has extended the period for heavy truck relicensing to 30 April 2020. However to be compliant, heavy truck owners must contact their insurance provider to renew their annual policy. On completion of the licensing process a new registration certificate cannot be provided. However, the TCD system will recognize your vehicle as being compliant.

“The Ministry of Education continues to make progress with its remote learning for public school students. The main objectives during school closure are:

  • Ensuring Quality learning experiences for students.
  • Maintaining routines similar to school routines; and
  • Providing ongoing Communication to students, parents and school staff.

“Additional information regarding remote learning will be provided in the coming days, but the Ministry of Education is working assiduously to ensure that they have a comprehensive learning programme in place for our young people while they are out of school.

“Again, we will continue to ensure you are updated on the latest developments regarding health and public services. Tomorrow, the Emergency Measures Organisation will meet again to get the latest information from our member agencies. We will provide the public with a full update following that meeting.”