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Total Cases To Date Double In December

Bermuda currently has 547 total confirmed Covid-19 cases to date, with the island recording around as many confirmed cases so far this month as it did in all the prior months combined.

On December 1st, Bermuda had 262 total confirmed cases to date and 39 active, and last night’s [Dec 21] release of test results confirmed that it has increased to 547 total confirmed cases to date, with 251 currently active.

This refers to ‘confirmed’ cases, and the island has ramped up testing capability significantly since the start of the pandemic, and is ranked 5th in the world in testing per capita. According to the Government data compiled by Bernews on BermudaCovid.com, the island has done more tests so far in December  [around 20,000] than we did during the first four months of the pandemic combined, with the first cases in Bermuda confirmed back in March.

A comparison of positive cases to date and currently active cases on Dec 1 & Dec 21

According to CDC guidelines “destinations with populations of 200,000 or less” with a case count of more than 100 over past 28 days are deemed to be ‘Level 4′, so the rise in cases has resulted in the United States CDC changing Bermuda’s classification to “Level 4: Very High Level of Covid-19 in Bermuda”.

In the first week of December, the island hit what was then a new record high of confirmed active Covid-19 cases, with the 75 recorded exceeding the past high amount, which was 65 active cases on April 25th. The island has now well exceeded that ‘new high’, with 251 currently active cases.

A look at the amount of cases announced per day so far this month

Due to the increase in cases, Premier David Burt announced additional measures, including the closure of all indoor bars and clubs, the number of people allowed to gather reduced to a maximum of 10, an 11pm to 5am curfew and more.

With the increase in cases, everyone is urged to follow public health guidelines including, but not limited to, wearing masks, practicing social distancing, downloading the WeHealth Bermuda app, and adhering to quarantine if relevant.

A look at statistics from March to December: